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Using The Right Soap for Your Skin Type

Using The Right Soap for Your Skin Type

Welcome. Did you know that using the right soap for your skin type is easy, fun, rewarding and enormously important to promoting healthy, radiant skin?

First, we will discuss the four dominate skin types. Learn how you can evaluate which one applies to you. Once known you can personalise your own soap regime to help promote healthy glowing skin.  Also, keep in mind that throughout the year your skin’s surface will undergo change due to seasons, the environment, emotional influences and illness. 

Personalised beauty soap oily dry normal skin

The earliest recorded evidence of soap dates back to around 2200 BC in ancient Babylon. As technology grew, humans began to search for a youthful complexion. Thus, the cosmetic industry was born. As a result, chemical formulations, creams, lotions and potions claiming to remove wrinkles whilst wiping years of your appearance were mass produced and flooded the market. A multi-billion dollar industry was born.

People deviated from using healthy natural soaps to using their evil twin …  the mass produced chemical soap bar that hides out on supermarket shelves and lurks in some retail outlets. Money and greed became the controlling factor. Over time, more expensive natural ingredients where replaced with cheaper chemical alternatives. Interestingly, at the same time the percentage of people suffering from sensitive skin and allergies began to rise.

Due to a growing awareness and available substantiated reports, people are becoming more informed and are now making healthier choices with products they use. Natural soaps are becoming a household item replacing commercially mass produced alternatives. 

Below is a guide to help you identify your skin type.

Skin type is usually divided into 4 categories, dry, normal, oily and combination.

Dry skin:

Resulting in the skin’s inability to produce enough sebum. As a result the skin is depleted of naturally occurring lipids. Their role is to help retain moisture and build a protective skin barrier against external forces. Hence, the formation of premature wrinkles, cracking and sometimes itchy skin. Using the right soap for your skin type will help prevent dry skin.

Using the right soap for your skin type

Identifying dry skin:

  • Rough to look at and feels tight
  • Flaky dry patches prone to scaling
  • Possible itchiness
  • Withered ageing appearance
  • Calluses and dehydrated hands

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated. Very important. One of the main causes of dry skin. 

Normal skin:

Normally referred to as well balanced skin. Overall, the sebum and moisture level is consistent and well balanced on all areas of the skin.

Identifying normal skin:

  • Clear skin, little or no blemishes
  • Fine pores
  • Good circulation, fresh rosy colour
  • Smooth and velvety to touch
  • Usually not prone to sensitivities

Oily skin:

Normally produces more sebum, known as seborrhoea. Seborrhoea may be caused by genetics, medication, make-up and cosmetics that react to the skin, by hormonal changes and of course, stress.

Using the right soap for your skin type

Identifying oily skin:

  • Glowing shine
  • Enlarged pores
  • Blemishes and skin eruptions

Oily skin is more prone to comedones (whiteheads, blackheads) and acne. Small pustules (bumps with visible white or yellow dots in the centre) and papules (skin bumps without black or white centres) are common. Using the right soap for your skin type will help reduce unwanted skin irritations and greatly improve the condition, feel and look of your skin.

Combination skin:

A combination of oily and dry skin. These areas are commonly divided by an area on our face defined as the “T-zone” (forehead, nose and chin). Oily skin is more prominent in the T-zone with signs of dryness in the outer regions of our face. The oilier parts of the skin are usually from an overproduction of sebum. The dryer parts possibly due to an under production of sebum and corresponding lipid deficiency. In most cases, the dry and oily areas are not extreme in appearance.

combination skin type Using the right soap for your skin type

Our recommendation: Beauty Soap F2 .

Signs of ageing skin.

It is inedible that as we age our skin becomes thinner, drier and accumulates fine lines and little cracks followed by skin pigmentation. I like to call them “wisdom lines”. Caring for your skin and using the right soap for your skin type will definitely help at warding off the signs of ageing.

Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise. Apply a natural skin nourishing and moisturising cream daily. A sun smart natural formula for day and a natural rejuvenating cream for the night. And don’t forget … lots of water!

Keep your skin clean regardless of your skin type.

Firstly and importantly, avoid soaps that contain petrochemicals and parabens. Look for soaps that nourish skin naturally rather than strip it of its natural sebum. Always read the labels and if in doubt, don’t buy it. Your skin will thank you.

Clean your face at least twice a day with a natural soap to remove pollutants from the chemical compromised environment we now live in. Dust and pollution constantly preys on youthful complexions.

Go for shorter, warm showers that don’t strip your skin of moisture protecting oils.

Use pure natural soap and make sure you read the ingredients label. Many companies write Natural Medicated Skin Care Soap when in reality the word “natural” may only apply to one ingredient. They fail to mention chemicals to make it lather, chemicals to make the bar harder, artificial colours, preservatives, artificial fragrance and the list goes on. If in doubt check with your doctor or dermatologist.

Using the right soap for your skin type

Use exfoliation soaps and creams sparingly as they can irritate sensitive skin. Only use natural products as harsh chemicals can strip your skin of moisture and upset your skin’s sebum balance.

We spend thousands of dollars on clothing and accessories to make ourselves look and feel good. In actual fact, first impressions are often formed by the appearance of our skin, not what we are wearing. Natural soaps can cost a few dollars more but small compensation for skin that helps you look fantastic. We all want to feel more confident, healthy, clean and radiant.

For more information about using the right soap for your skin type please visit us at   Personalising soaps for specific skin types is what we do best. Contact us describing your particular skin type and we will formulate a recipe just for you. Researching and personalising skincare soaps is our passion.




  • Organic calendula petals add antioxidants properties to handmade natural soaps.
  • Handmade and hand poured in Australia.
  • Man soap for men lightly fragranced
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with remedial herbs.


On average, Australians wash their hands 8-10 times a day. Statistics show that 80% of Australians shower daily. This equates to a lot of soap. But do you actually know what’s in the commercial soap you are rubbing on your skin? Our soaps are skin safe. You deserve the best.

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